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At Home Discount we have an incredible range of items, accessories and furniture. For an item to simply be considered ‘top 8’ is rare, but we have figured it out and put our absolute best sellers into a list just for you! Find what everyone has been talking about and even get it in your colour. At Home Discount we don’t have any cheap items, instead all our items are high quality goods that are on offer to you for a discount price.

Oxford Radiator Cover Grey, Large

RRP: £124.99

Arlington 1 Door TV Unit, Grey

RRP: £119.99

Longton Adjustable Computer Desk, White

RRP: £131.99

Valentina Double Ottoman Bed, Light Grey Linen

RRP: £444.99

Hulio 5 Drawer Chest, Black

RRP: £142.99

Corona 1 Drawer Coffee Table

RRP: £112.99

5 Piece Buxton Companion Set, Black & Brass

RRP: £49.99